Windproof Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands, also known as umbrella holders, often used in public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and offices for the folks’ convenience and advantages. With a such holder, you can hold your wet windproof umbrella in it to prevent the water dropping on the floor, messing-up of your clean room.

In the public places such as hotels, umbrella holders are both convenient for clients in rainy days, eliminating the hidden safety danger due to wet floor and favorable to enhance the overall hotel image.

umbrella holders Moreover, the exquisitely designed umbrella stand can add brilliance to one’s present splendor, as an important part of interior decoration. Also you can have a variety of different umbrella stand for your choice, depending on your desired pattern, color, material and your home decoration style.

Types of Umbrella Windproof Holder

Usually, it is divided into various types for the number of the holders:12/18/36 (1060×280×810mm);

As for the materials of the frame: steel stand, plastic stand, iron stand, silica gel stand and aluminous stand;

As for the design style, you can see umbrella stand table, umbrella stand side table, umbrella stand with wheels, umbrella stand home depot;

Also, in some supermarkets, some umbrella stands are equipped with locks to prevent losses.

windproof umbrella stand

windproof umbrella stand

This umbrella stand, made out of silica gel, is featured with easy storage and good looks, available for six normal umbrellas inside and six small umbrellas outside. It stands steadily even if covered by umbrella. The materials won’t scratch the floor, light weight, outstanding design, which once wins excellent design award.

Note: Don’t put heavy things on the stand; Don’t use is as weapon or toy; Keep clean and wipe dry, please pour out the water if the seat is made out of water absorbent materials or any device for water drop.

windproof umbrella holder

windproof umbrella holder

How to Choose a Good Umbrella Holder

What we should consider when we want to buy a satisfactory holder? Also the following factors are also regarded as some features of a cost-effective stand:

Convenient and Easy to Use;

Compliance with the Environmental Style;

Taking up a few Space; Strong and Durable;

Reasonable Price; Light Weight;

Anti-corrosive if Steel Structure;

Easy to Clean;

Available for Long Umbrellas and Compact Tote Umbrella;

Water-proof devices to contain Water Drop, easy to pour away water.

Beach Umbrella Stands and Patio Umbrella Stands
The beach umbrella stand is designed to hold a big beach umbrella, portable in the places when you would like to stay on the beach, protecting yourself from the hot sunshine; the patio umbrella stand is used in your patio, rust-proof, a heavy duty umbrella base which works great to prevent strong wind, to firmly hold large patio umbrella in the storm.

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