Windproof Patio Umbrella

Windproof patio umbrella is a kind of large umbrella specially designed to prevent sunshine, wind and rain, usually in courtyard, garden, balcony, patio, beach, for cookouts, parties and camping. Patio umbrella canopy combines the features of windproof umbrellas, parasols and golf umbrellas, of strong capabilities of wind resistance, water proof and sunshade effect, as sunshine shelter and stable temporary shade tent.

Some Basic Description:
The umbrella covers are normally made of polyester fabrics, aluminum frame, solid steel stakes, handle, snapping straps, canvas, rolling wheels if available, shade sails (rectangles, squares or triangles), and crank.

windproof patio umbrella

windproof patio umbrella

How-to Guide to Wind proof Patio Umbrella:
What are good windproof patio umbrellas or what factors we should consider when buying? It is crucial to consider the following factors before your buying:
a. Durability: common requirement for such commodity.

b. Easy operation or lift system during delivery, setting-up, moving, taking down and storing (with one or two people), for example you can focus on some properties such as light weight, strong handle, handy straps or wheels, also sturdy and portable package, especially for the senior citizen. Please measure the size where you plan to store the umbrella when not in use to make sure the enough room, in particular for your first time.

c. Good wind resistance, stiffness not only in the mild wind.

d. Big UV canvas with flat surface, capable of good shelter where you won’t get sunburn even staying outside for a long time; no rain accumulation in rainy days.

e. Materials: steel ribs (thick metal), metal pole, patio umbrella cover of resistance against mold and mildew, UV protection, and some breathable fabrics offer better feel.

f. Construction: solid stainless steel construction, hex bolts are preferred, and the crank operates smoothly.

g. Size: proper height for smooth access for tall guys, no stooping down, cute scallop edge better; thinking about the size of the shade and the storage space you desired, 4-foot, 6-foot or higher patio umbrella.

h. Umbrella handle: the designers make some umbrella tilting function to ensure you can enjoy the shade for the whole day due to the tilting of the canopy with the change of the direction of sunshine: push button tilts, collar tilts, and auto tilts (manual or mechanical tilting).

i. Umbrella pole: usually 8 feet high.

j. Umbrella stand: a solid umbrella base is still required no matter you choose table patio umbrella and free-standing patio umbrella, three-point or four-point holder is a good choice.

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