Windproof Golf Umbrella

The windproof golf umbrellas you often see in the golf course are straight manual golf umbrellas and straight auto golf umbrella, also auto folding gold umbrella (second folded). More human-center design is applied to the golf umbrella for its heavy weight, hard to hold, especially in heavy wind days. The single layer golf umbrella is of the similar with the normal beach umbrella. The double layer umbrella is heavier a bit. The umbrella cover (two-layer) has been improved: the top of the upper layer is open with the holes larger than the ventilation holes, and two layers are stitched. In normal days, rain won’t flow into the umbrella and wind blows out through the open top.


windproof golf umbrella

windproof golf umbrella


Features of Windproof Golf Umbrella

The normal specification of windproof gold umbrella is 25-32 inches, featured with big size, attractive design, and sun shelter and wind protection. With the increasing population, golf umbrellas are often used in high class hotels, apartment and clubs. The cover of golf umbrella is big, with the diameter of around 123CM, of two layers, wind resistance, rain resistance and rust protection.


Materials of Windproof Golf Umbrella

Usually, the materials for windproof golf umbrella require good quality and skills: umbrella framework is made out of full fiber synthetic materials, capable of strong ductibility against the big wind. The cost of gold umbrellas with fluted ribs (steel) or round ribs (steel) is low; however, such materials make the framework bad durability, easy to break.


As for the golf umbrella cover, the special fabrics for high and medium class umbrellas are used, including 190 nylon elargol and 190PG fabrics, facilitating flat cover and bright colors. When raining, the rainfall drops from the umbrella quite soon. 190 nylon elargol is a kind of material with the function of ultraviolet-proof and 190PG fabrics is soft, textured, of the sense of being gorgeousness.


The golf umbrella handles are usually made of EVA, good feel, but EVA materials are easy to make umbrella get white mildew if not drying soon in wet conditions. Also, you possibly see plastic or wooden handle, and rubber handle is preferred for proper feel and size in hands, although the cost is higher than others.


Windproof Golf Umbrella Brands:

Callaway Nike GustBuster Totes Titleist Toppers Shedrain TaylorMade


Windproof Golf Umbrella Certificate?

SONCAP (Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON)


Regions of Windproof Golf Umbrella Made-in-China:

Mainly in Guangdong province, Heshan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang Province and some coastal cities and provinces, the products made in Fujian and Guangdong are of good quality, in compliance with SONCAP

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