Windproof Folding Umbrella

Windproof folding umbrella is featured with being compact, easy to carry, light weight and good looks, compared with the conventional long umbrella. On the other hand, folding umbrellas own the frame with the powerful resistance against big winds as strong as the traditional windproof umbrellas. You can select manual open or auto open umbrellas as your favorite.

Just taking it in your handbag, you are not afraid of the sudden rain, wind or strong sunshine at any time. It is no exaggeration to say that windproof umbrella is a daily item in U.K., and you can see umbrellas in the camera shots in the outside sports competitions during London Olympic Games. It has a long history of folding umbrella, dating from around 300 BC in ancient China.

windproof folding umbrellas

windproof folding umbrellas

Clear umbrellas, also known as parasol or sun umbrella, are good sunshine shelter against the harm due to ultraviolet lights (UPF>30) and almost a necessary item for the ladies loving the outside activities in summer. Of course, smart ladies and gentlemen are good at choosing the fashion umbrellas as clothing accessory to show their special taste in various street snaps.

When buying, it is important to consider the density of the fabrics, and the size of the umbrella cover. Normally, big density and cover as well as light color will be better in the respect of the performance of anti-ultraviolet. It is not good to use sun umbrellas as rain umbrellas. How about large umbrellas? I think, maybe windproof patio umbrella, beach umbrella, and golf umbrella all belong to sun umbrellas.

The commonly used umbrellas are mainly rain umbrellas, I think. The compact windproof umbrellaoccupies small space, especially some pencil umbrellas of the length of only 20 centimeters when folding, quite slim and convenient to carry, about 150-200 grams. Some pencil umbrellas are available for rain resistance and UV. In addition, the smooth structure facilitates the easy falling of the raindrop on the cover.

Do not open the folding umbrella too hard or crush hard objects, and avoid the draught as much as possible. As for line breaking, please stitch in time to prevent uneven stress on each umbrella rib. Meanwhile, do not fold your umbrella when wet and should open it and wipe it dry with soft cloth, hanging in the ventilated place upside down. As for the cleaning-up, you can try washing the umbrella cover with toothpaste, and then wipe it with wet cloth.

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