Special and Magic Umbrella (Umbra)

The umbrella is a tool for cool environment or shelter from rain, wind, snow or sunshine. “Umbrella” in English comes from Latin “Umbra”, of the meaning of shadow and a shade. The production materials typically include fabric and other materials used as skeleton and wrapped wires. Although the main purpose of the umbrella is used to be a shade from the sunshine in the early stage, yet now commonly used as a windproof or rainproof tool, even as a role as a decoration, crutches, and even weapons.

This creative product you see, perhaps you would like it, which is a kind of chromotropic (color changing) umbrella (£19.99). Have you ever found that most people have the umbrellas with similar styles when you walked on the street in the sudden sky haze and rain? This innovative umbrella will give you a different surprise for you. It has always been a fashion that the transparent drop of water falls on the umbrella, and also more lively, in particular, the rainfall drop on the border of umbrella, you will find a splash of brightly colored patterns. Due to the coating with a special material, the pattern becomes white when dry. Moreover, you can bring the eye-catching color umbrella whether by day and night.

color-changing-umbrellacolor-changing umbrella

golf-umbrellagolf umbrella

rainbow umbrellarainbow umbrella

map umbrellamap umbrella

lady umbrellalady umbrella

lovely umbrellalovely umbrella

special umbrellaspecial umbrella

x-ray umbrellax-ray umbrella

umbrella lampumbrella lamp

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