Passion for the Blue Umbrella

A Blue umbrella is more romantic than other umbrellas for its secret, sentimental and soulful blue in my eyes. In fact, I fail to think out of a more reasonable reason why blue umbrellas are so charming and attractive for me. Anyway, it is so amazing to hold one blue umbrella in neither rainy or sunny days, good mood and luck is what blue umbrella can bring me, I think. Surely, some romantic feel I can get, sometimes.

Of course, I would like to collect various blue umbrellas: lovely, traditional, cartoon, straight, folding and stylish ones. Moreover, I like blue umbrellas patterns and graphics. How magic a fairyland is if the opening blue umbrellas decorate on the green grassland under blue sky and white could.

blue umbrella 2013 animation film




The Animation Short Film: The Blue Umbrella by Pixar and Disney

Therefore, I have been attached to the original animation movie (CG): the Blue Umbrella when see the clip of this short film by Pixar and Disney, around six minutes long and with impressive music of Sarah Jaffe. The movie directed by Saschka Unseld will be on since 21 June 2013 with the animation film “Monsters University”. It tells a warm love story: a red umbrella and a blue umbrella fall in love in a crowded street in one rainy day. Unfortunately, they have to depart for unpredictable natural reasons and long distance, however, this couple gathers together with the help of the friends at the street.

According to Unseld, he saw a broken umbrella lying in the drain when he walked at the street in San Francisco. He felt so sad and considered what happened to it. So this is just the source of inspiration to make this movie.

the blue umbrella

the blue umbrella

How lovely such a couple: a red umbrella and a blue umbrella! I have great passion for the showing of this film and would like to share our opinions with friends. Short Clip, enjoy it here please:

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