How to Fold/Maintain/Wash Your Tote Umbrella/Small Umbrella?

Tote umbrella or small umbrella  is a good shelter or protection against sunshine, rain and even the wind umbrella can be used to  protect against wind and sand, as a daily life item, in particular in some cities and region where the climate conditions are so good. In London, my friend told me that they even take umbrella with them almost everyday, however, it is also a big trouble that how to fold tote umbrella neatly, how to maintain umbrella in good condition and how to wash umbrella in effective way?

tote umbrella (small umbrella)

tote umbrella (small umbrella)

How to Fold Tote Umbrella/ Small Umbrella?
The first step is to handle the top umbrella cloth, making the top cover is folded neatly in order. Please fold the cloth attached to each umbrella wire in the right place, namely, ensuring them placed among wires, the folding marks look like “V”, also making the marks strengthened.

The second step is putting the umbrella in your hands vertically, taking hold of the umbrella handle with one hand, folding the tote umbrella cloth with the other hand as Step one. Seen from the top, the top cover folded seems radial pattern.

The third step: button off, the tote umbrella is closed, however the umbrella cloth is scattered, available for being folded. Repeat Step two and the cover toward the button should be folded straightly in vertical line, Ideally, the top cover is the same in shape and folding condition as much as possible.

The fourth step: folding the tote umbrella/small umbrella as the direction as the riser runs. It Is available for you to turn the umbrella and fold the cover by the marks and put umbrella on the desk and roll it up. Keeping all the umbrella wires arranged in the same direction.

Ok, you can enjoy your neatly folded umbrella.


How to Maintain Tote Umbrella/ Small Umbrella?
Do not touch the umbrella cloth as much as possible and please put your umbrella with the umbrella cover or plastic bag in your handbag when no in need. Keep your umbrella with cover in cabinet or bookshelf and elsewhere when you are home. In addition, please put your rain umbrella and parasol separately, because it is easy to spoil color-lighted parasol after raining on the one hand, and the sunscreen effect of parasol will be reduced once being used as the rain shelter.


How to Wash Tote Umbrella/ Small Umbrella?
It is not so easy to clean tote umbrella or parasol when in application for a long time. This is a simple and effective way to clean umbrella: please add a little white vinegar in the washing ponder and mix up. Open the umbrella, and wash the umbrella with the washing ponder (white vinegar added) from top to bottom with brush. Be sure of your brushing sequentially and the washing water fall from the top, along the umbrella wires and rib. And then clean the umbrella with clean water.

You could have a almost completely new tote umbrella/parasol now.

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