Blunt Umbrella Windproof

Blunt umbrella is really a good solution when you are worried of blowing up or turning over of your umbrella like some weak umbrellas, getting wet and being in a difficult or embarrassed position in windy and rainy days, because it never inverts or bends much.

Different from the shape of the conventional umbrellas, blunt umbrellas adopt rounded tip design (circular design) at the umbrella fringe, so that no inadvertent infraction occurs for the soft protective tips as shown in the picture. Regarding the wind resistance capability, it is possibly exaggerated to undertake 12-class hurricane, however, no doubt it has strong windproof capability, of good safety protection against the harm due to overwhelming wind and rain.

blunt windproof umbrella

blunt windproof umbrella

Even though in stormy days, you will not hate going-out with such strong blunt umbrella windproof. The vigorous designers in New Zealand deploy simple elements and powerful matching of double support arms, floating structure ribs and blunt tips as sharp as narrows (wow, slight exaggeration). With patented radial tensioning systems, the blunt windproof umbrellas benefit both safety and fashion, keeping good balance of tension on the umbrella fabrics. All-around creative design prevents heavy wind up to 115km/h, leading your walking forward steadily. Special push/pull tenon and automatic button facilitates easy opening and closing. It costs around 70 USD in the market.

Normally, it weights400-500 grams, with polyester fiber umbrella fabrics, drying soon and is convenient to carry in bags for two-folding tote umbrella. Furthermore, blunt umbrellas are attached with covers, at the end of which have a weep hole, air-vent and adjustable straps.

Some Points to be considered:
It is not easy to get something done once and for all, so let us talk some points of blunt umbrellas to be concerned.
a.    Open umbrella, drying after usage to prevent mouldiness of fabric and softening of ribs.
b.    Keep tidy to prevent broken fabrics by ribs.
c.    Stay away from sunshine and high temperature for long time to prevent bending and color fading.

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