Best Windproof Umbrella

When buying folding windproof umbrella, please open the umbrella towards the direction of sunshine to see whether any holes or tears. It is preferred that the umbrella cover is of full shape when open. And then please continuously open 5 or 6 times to check whether any drop or falling-off and be sure that the holding framework is strong.

Pay attention to see the rainproof material of the umbrella cover and the stitches should be tight and neat. As for the nylon materials, the cover is better, which is costive. Regarding umbrella handles please be careful of the relevant parts and components such as caps, frames and stems. Smooth and not yellow for the galvanized parts.

When buying auto open close windproof umbrella, also you please need to check the flexibility of the button, ensuring that the button works just slight pressing. Please push down and check whether the lock hook is closely attached beneath the handle, shaking the umbrella 2 or 3 times to make sure the auto open umbrella will not open automatically.

Windproof Umbrella Brands

Senz Windproof Umbrella
Developed by Company Tote, senz windproof umbrellas won various design awards, regarded by one of the great innovations by the Times in 2007. This compact umbrella is invited by Dutch Gerwin Hoogendoorn, assistant Gerard Kool and Philip Hess in October 2006, formally launched in the market, based on the principles of airmechanics. The strong umbrella framework facilitates the wind resistance up to 100km per hour and won’t turn over. The irregular umbrella shape design benefits this kind of windproof umbrella of good protection against heavy wind, referring to three specifications (small, medium and large), and two colors: red and black. Meanwhile, it is available for Senz original, Senz mini, Senz xl and Senz mini ao.

Nike Windproof Golf Umbrella
Nike is a world-known sportswear brand, famous for its outstanding simple design and practical functions of good comforts and sports activities. Nike umbrella mainly means Nike windproof golf umbrella, featuring with UV-protective, windproof, lightweight and durability. Of course, the products characteristics of different models vary, related to rustproof FRP double rib frame, patented U-shaped joint hinge 190T nylon canopy, rustproof FRP double rib frame, rubber handle with a dual-density grip, the patented wind-release system, U-shaped joint hinge, and innovative “pinchless” open-and-close system. Anyway, Nike umbrellas are designed to fit comfortably in your hands or for the minimizing inversion during storms or high winds all the whole day.

Samsonite Windproof Umbrella
Samsonite windproof umbrella is a Japanese umbrella brand, UV protection fabric materials, water repellent, reinforced framework (extra light glass-reinforced plastics  structure), auto open close umbrella (automatic umbrella), portable and convenient for operation (easy button for opening of umbrella stem and canopy in the meantime; press button for the closing of umbrella canopy). Samsonite umbrella is famous for simple and fashionable design. Human-centered umbrella handles are quite soft and of good comforts in hands.

Senz and Samsonite Windproof Umbrella

Senz and Samsonite Windproof Umbrella

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